Something of a household name, Sea Ray has been around a long time and has produced many, many boats over the course of their 60 year history. But the mission has always been the same no matter what the style or model of boat: Impress no matter what.

One of those recent models Sea Ray has put out is the L550 Fly, and does it ever impress! The L550 Fly is a perfect balance of power, luxury, excitement, refinement, and gorgeous aesthetics. From any angle, this boat exudes an air of posh superiority. The performance-forward hull helps this stallion run over the water like Jesus on steroids. It has an available joystick propulsion system that makes navigating tight spaces ridiculously easy. The big Twin Caterpillar 850 CL12.9L inline 6, 4-stroke, Tier 3 Diesel Engines combine to make a T-850 horsepower, more than enough to make sure everyone on board has a little excitement on their trip.

Inside, the captain is treated to a a single helm seat with a flip up bolster, a thick-rimmed chrome steering wheel backed up by twin 16” multifunction displays, depth gauge, VHF and autopilot controls on the left, as well as the Rockford stereo audio controls on the right, while the twin heat and air conditioning vents keep temperatures right were they should be. Below that is storage space with some very necessary items like cup holders and usb ports. Slightly towards port are the engine controls, the remote for the forward displays, as well as the aforementioned joystick, which can be operated with relative ease thanks to the power side window that, when open, allows a full starboard view to assist in maneuvering this very expensive piece of floating artwork. Everything is within reach and ergonomically designed.

The electronic interface offers a very futuristic control system of just about anything on the boat worth controlling. The home screen has a base set of buttons along with monitor lights along the bottom of the screen. Controls for the wipers (all at once, or separately), individual zone HVAC, interior and exterior lights, which can also be dimmed or preset buttons like ‘All Lights 75%” can be used to expedite the process even further. Both the skylight and sunshade can also be controlled, as well as the fuel transfer, fresh water pump and discharge pump. There is also a monitor page that gives the captain an overview of everything of significance going on within the ship. The interface also connects to tablets to allow for control away from the main screen.

Out around the boat, there is a tinted transparent windscreen that doubles as a guardrail. There are two big windshield panels that measure 4’5” x 4’8” complete with integrated wipers and washers plumped to the ships fresh water that offer a panoramic view of the world at large. Over to the transom, there is an incredible amount of storage that can be organized very easily thanks to Sea Rays dedicated space for most things boating enthusiasts would typically use or need. There are also four 12” cleats around the boat that are notably out of the way of being a typical tripping hazard like on some lesser boats. There are also multiple seating areas both out under the sun and under the canopy, all of which are arranged to promote easy, comfortable and effortless socializing.

With a length overall of 56’3”, a beam of 15’7”, a draft of 54”, and a test weight of 69,595 pounds, the L550 Fly is by no means small but thanks to those big CAT motors, the Sea Ray can reach a top speed of about 35 knots. That heft also helps the ship battle through the water and keep it’s balance nicely without feeling like it’s ever getting beat up by the waves.

The Sea Ray L550 Fly is an exemplary model of luxurious power and style. The fit and finish, materials and aesthetics are all at the very top of the line, and the price of the ship certainly reflects that. This boat is a shining flagship of the brand that makes … waves … wherever it goes. If the mission is to impress at all costs, the L550 Fly succeeds with flawless perfection.