So, you’re in the market for a fishing boat that feels like more than what you paid for, a bigger boat than what it actually is, and can seemingly do more than what you think it can. Well, the Sailfish 270CC might just be what you’ve been searching for … and maybe even a little more.

Wish a length of 28’ 2” and a beam of 9’, the 270CC feels bigger than it really is. The cockpit depth of 30” at the stern and 40” at the bow also lend to the feeling that this boat may be a bit more than meets the eye, even if it isn’t actually Optimus Prime. There are options abound, and the ability to customize this boat in so many ways that it will feel like it has been made just for you. Things like rod holders, cup holders, a retractable pylon. There are things like a transom door, a four-step steel boarding ladder, a 40” rear bench and corner rear jump seats, which can be removed from their frame to allow access to the mechanicals for the live well and bilge. The fun doesn’t stop there. There is also a 35 gallon live well, a tool holder and a fresh water sink.

If you’re lucky enough to captain one of these exciting fishing vessels, you’re in for something of a treat. Folding foot rests, arms rests, and bolsters. There is room for two 12” navigation screens, all the while the dash mounted compass leads the way to freedom, or back home just in case the digital versions fail. The companion seated individual is treated to dual cup-holders (a requisite job for all passengers is to man the drinks), as well as a storage tray with an expansion net.

The optional T-Top comes with four rod holders standard, a locking radio box and courtesy lights. There is an optional sink and toilet, which is highly suggested. Outboard on each side of the boat are two 260-quart fish boxes with overboard drains that securely close with rubber latches, both of which can provide emergency seating if necessary. The bow can be turned into a passenger’s paradise with only slight adjustments to the moveable backrests and cushions. There is even a removable table that can add more fun to the mix.

Out on the water, opt for either twin outboards from Yamaha or Mercury and enjoy up to 400 horsepower. With a reasonable 300 horsepower estimate, the 270CC weighs in at a tuna under 8,000 pounds. This boat can haul to the tune of almost 50 mph and can lock in to a cruise of 27 mph at 3,500 rpm which will yield a GPH of a very stingy 9.8 and a total range of 466 miles thanks to the fuel capacity of 188 gallons. In terms of straight away speed, the 270CC ran from 0-20 mph in 4.4 seconds, and 0-30 mph in 6.6 seconds. When tested out on the chop, the 270CC carved clear cuts across the water, and had no problems with crosswinds.

The 270CC is a boat that is built to be versatile. It can handle all types of unsavory weather conditions and has the size to deal with just about anything mother nature can throw at you out on the water. But it is also comfortable enough to keep the family or friend fishing party feeling safe the whole time.

All in all, the Sailfish 270CC is a boat just about anyone can be happy with. It has all the accouterments you need to feel like you spent your money well and provides plenty of supporting evidence in terms of ride and sense of security to back up that feeling. So while your search for the perfect fishing hole might rage on, at least your search for how to get there is over.