With the exception of a few small group of uber rich people in the world, the rest of us usually need to be somewhat economical without financial decisions. Now, that is not to say that we all don’t indulge once in a while on something we really want, and more than likely, deserve, but there still needs to be some exercise of prudent judgement even with the occasional splurge. Typically, unless you are working as a long shore man, a boat will constitute a non-essential purchase, or more appropriately deemed: a toy. So, how do you get your not-quite-sold-on-this spouse to sign off on the idea of having a fishing boat? Simple. Show them that it’s not just a fishing boat, and in fact, could be a source of family fun for years to come. Enter the Boston Whaler 350 Outrage.

The 350 Outrage is a perfect mix of amenities and practical functionality to support both the avid fisherman lifestyle, and more importantly, a day of cruising with the kids. Starting at the center-mounted helm, there are three well bolstered cushioned chairs. One center captains chair and two observer chairs flanking it on either side. Both the arm rests and thigh bolsters flip up and down for ease of access. The non-reflective soft touch dash makes visibility and a breeze, while speaking of breezes, the optional heating/cooling system supplies ample air-flow for all three passengers. On either side of the dash vents are a myriad of control switches that are both waterproof and easy to read. They also feature a blue LED light above each to indicate being on or off, which makes night operation that much easier.

Both observer seats are treated to 15” nav touch screens that provide plenty of onboard data in real time. The joystick for the bow thruster, keyless ignition and thrust controls are all well placed and easy to reach with keeping an eye on the open sea. The Whaler’s practicality shines through with things like overheard storage and a flip-down platform that raises standing height by six full inches to help accommodate the vertically challenged see over the high control panel.

Move up to the optional tower and you’re treated to a much easier view of the water and there is a captain’s chair with a choice of digital readouts. Either control seat allows you to wield the power of three 300 horsepower engines that are supercharged and allow the 350 Outrage to get up and go with no fuss or hassle at all. The two outside engines have 19” propellers while the center has a 20” prop.

The 350 Outrage gets up and moves despite its relative heft. At 6000 rpm, the Boston Whaler tops out at 47.2 knots guzzling 89.9 gallons per hour giving a range of only 189 nautical miles, while it’s most efficient speed was at 4000 rpm, which burned only 32 GPH and allowed a range of 326 NM. The 350 Outrage got up to planing speed in only 4.3 seconds, then ran to 20 mph in 6.9 seconds, and 30 mph in 11.0 seconds. On acceleration, there is a bow rise of 12 degrees, but levels off at planing speed.

Out on the water, the 350 Outrage provides supreme confidence to it’s driver, and although it is technically a fishing and cruising boat, it feels at times like a true sport boat. The helm is protected by excellent wind deflection and provides plenty of security through all kinds of weather. Even when up in the tower, the 350 Outrage feels well in control of its environment.

The Boston Whaler is a practical, exciting, versatile and fun vessel that can provide a day of fun in the sun (or rain) for fishermen, families, or fisherman’s families. And despite not being the cheapest boat on the market, it also offers competitive pricing given the number of amenities and options you can have with it. This boat has something you can sell to anyone, even you’re not-quite-there-yet spouse, so you don’t have the worry about there being any … wait for it … Outrage, over this Boston Whaler.