It seems that we live in a world where businesses are always trying to fit as many people under their umbrella as they can. You go to a steakhouse and it’s not just steak, nope there’s pasta, asian noodles, and even vegetarian dishes. You turn on a sports radio show and they’re talking not just sports, but music, and family, and religion and politics. If you want to buy a sports car, now there are four door sports cars, and all-wheel drive sports cars, and even SUV sports “cars” so you can take your kids along for the ride. And while having more options is not always a bad thing, the saying, “you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” comes distinctly to mind. As a company that offers a product, you shouldn’t want to try to sell to all of the people. You should make a thing, make it target a singularly minded audience/customer base, and do that thing as well as it can be done. The Bulls Bay 230CC is a shining example of that philosophy.

Sure having a boat that you can take fishing and then spend the day on the bay doing all kinds of water sports with the kids is nice, but let’s be serious — when you want to fish, you want a fishing boat, and a damn good one. The Bulls Bay 230CC is a no bull (pun intended) offshore vessel that has no misgivings about what it is. With a length overall of 22’ 8”, a beam of 8’6” a draft of 17”, and a dry weight of 2,450 pounds, the 230CC is an ideal size for you and up to eight others (provided you all weigh less than 1,237 pounds) to head out onto the open water. The massive 103 gallon fuel tank makes it easy to search far and wide for that perfect spot with no concern of not being able to make it back.

You’ll quickly notice the spacious casting decks both fore and aft are complimented by plenty of seating that is more comfortable than you might expect. Stainless steel grab rails make nice accent pieces, while the horizontal rod storage space hides up to six rods away nicely, while there is an additional four vertical rod holders sit behind the helm’s lean post. The huge 35 gallon aerated live wells are a must have, as is the obligatory fish and locking storage boxes. And we certainly couldn’t leave out the stainless steel cup holders sprinkled throughout, because what is a day of fishing without a few beverages?

In terms of optional equipment the 230CC has plenty to offer. There is a very useful T-Top with a radio box, a recirculating live well, a trolling motor plug, spreader lights both fore and aft. A bow cushion and spray shield would also go on our list of ‘must-haves’ right along with the Marine audio system that comes with four speakers. There are seven hull colors to choose from, of which, we think the Steel Blue is the prettiest.

Power comes from a base engine from Yamaha (the F175XB) which makes 175 -horsepower, but this boat can be outfitted with a motor up to 300-horsepower. Base price comes in right around $45,000, and can climb over 60k depending on how many option boxes you decide to check.

The Bulls Bay 230CC isn’t going to be mistaken for a cruise liner, or a yacht, or a speed boat. Nope, it won’t be and it doesn’t want to be. What it is, is a very competent and capable boat that is purpose built for one goal — to help you fish like a champ. We applaud the singular focus of the 230CC, because seriously, who wants to order linguine at a steakhouse anyway?