Some days are just meant to be on the water. The sun is coming out over the morning sky and begins shining down, and you have nothing else planned but a day cruising and fishing. Sometimes, it’s nice just to be able to get in your boat and go, no hassles, no excessive prep rituals and routines, you just get to the dock, start the motor and take off to your own personal paradise for the day. And there may not be a better vessel to get you to that little fishing hole of perfection than the Carolina Skiff DLV 218.

Beginning with the very intriguing Tri-V hull design, this unique style allows the DLV 218 to glide smoothly over shallow water, up stream through rivers, over expansive lakes, and even challenge some rough salt water from time to time. The six to eight inch draft and wide beam help the all-fiberglass hull make this extreme versatility possible. Up front along the bow are two big storage compartments that can double as seating areas if necessary, then there is a very open and bountiful deck that allows passengers to navigate comfortably and easily around the center mounted captain’s controls in order to find that perfect casting point in the hopes of catching something worth telling the kids about. The jump seat in front of the center console makes it easy to get a front row seat to the adventures ahead, while the captain has a larger bench seat to enjoy some company while he or she is checking the important gauges like speed, fuel, voltage, and tach. The quick disconnect windshield, tilt helm, and stainless steel steering wheel help make things a little more enjoyable, as does your choice of either a bimini or t-top.

The list of standard features for the Carolina Skiff DLV 218 is very sizable for a boat that isn’t huge. There are lockable starboard lids, a fuel water separator, a 30 gallon fuel tank, a stainless steel cooler frame with removable cooler, LED bow and stern lights, a rigid rub rail with chrome insert, a 1,250 gallon bilge pump, an anchor locker, and six flush mounted rod holders for all the fishing you can handle.

But beyond the basic, the DLV 218 offers a myriad of upgrade options. You can opt for a 12V or 24V trolling motor plug, six foot stainless steel side rails for a little extra flair, a removable bow cushion set for some extra seating, a console bait well with LED lighting so you can make sure you’re hooking your bait at night and not your fingers. There’s also a flip up console with changing curtain and Porta Potty, so the fun doesn’t have to go down the toilet just because you need to … you know. There is also a very underrated front deck padded swivel seat with base. There is also a Maxi Flow recirculation system, a raw water wash down, and a rear deck padded swivel seat with base, as well as two sets of Velcro rod savers.

In terms of general dimensions, the DLV 218 is about midrange for what amounts to a mostly freshwater fishing boat. It has an overall length of 20 feet, 10 inches, a beam of 96 inches, a gunnel height of 26 inches, and sighs in at about 1,773 pounds. It’s fuel capacity is 30 gallons and it comes in at an MSRP with power at right around $28,000.

The Carolina Skiff DLV 218 is a boat that has a very multifaceted and versatile personality. It can be the perfect vehicle to take the family out on the lake with and enjoy a day in the sun, or it can also be the perfect vessel to escape that same family with some buddies to go trolling for some large mouth bass out on the river. However you decide to use it, the DLV 218 will do its absolute best to make sure that whatever you do, is more fun, and less hassle.