If you have the money to spend, then spend it right. The Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Coupe is not cheap, it comes in around the cost of a pretty decent house in a fancy neighborhood. But then, you could always live on a boat, you can’t sail your house. The 350 Coupe is a splendid invention from Sea Ray. It gives all the luxury and posh style of their traditional Sundance models, but offers even more protection to its passengers for fun on the water in almost any conditions.

Starting inside, the first thing you’ll notice against the gel-coated dash are the old-school analog gauges that make the boat feel more real somehow, as do the myriad of toggle switches for various controls right beneath them. Below the switches you’ll find a four inch display. The digital throttle and shift sit directly in front of the display. Beside that there are two large cup holders that could also double as cell phone holders if need be. Rounding out the controls is the axis joystick that sits to the right that helps navigating around the dock a breeze. The helm seat has a flip up single bolster that allows access for storage space. Sitting in that nicely appointed seat you can see out the very expansive single pane windshield measuring 92 inches by 59 inches.

The overall length of the 350 Coupe is 37’ 6”, while its beam measures 11’4” and its fuel capacity is a very useful 214 gallons. The Sea Ray hits the scales with an empty weight of 18,792 pounds. Propelling that sizable girth are two very robust 6.2L MerCruiser engines kicking out 350-horsepower each to Bravo Three outdrives. That power helps the 350 Coupe reach a top speed of 41.5 mph @ 5400 rpm.

Out on the water, the 350 Coupe only experiences a small bow lift on take off, and then settles in to a barely noticeable rise during cruising. The big Sea Ray handles something akin to a Mercedes E-Class sedan. It leans into turns with a clear, unsurprising confidence and a very good responsiveness to helm inputs. There is only slight rises in the bow going over waves or through wakes, and the coupe design makes sure that everyone inside stays dry and as removed from the elements as they want to be. The hardtop offers a level of confidence not found in other Sea Ray models, while the vent in the roof still allows for a nice pass-through breeze and natural lighting when desired.

The engine room is accessed through an electronically actuated hatch on the main deck. There is plenty of room to access both engines as well as access to the batteries, hot water heater, and optional generator. Out back on the swim platform there is another hatch that conceals two outlets, one of the 10” cleats and the fuel fill. Inside and below deck there is a power panel hidden behind one of the seat backs. Up front there is another hatch holding the galvanized delta plow anchor. The rail height measures in at 29”.

The Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Coupe just feels lavish from bow to stern. And now with glass covering three sides of the main deck, there is the extra option of having a climate controlled environment out at sea to even further compliment the already posh vibe. And while the base price of this boat is just over $385k, after taking it out for a ride, that price seems strangely justified, even to someone who lives in a house that costs significantly less than this boat. But again, it would be much more comfortable to live on this boat than it would be to take a house out on the water. So with that in mind, the Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Coupe is a virtual bargain.