Sometimes, there are things in life we just want for no good reason other than, well, we just do. In supermarkets, these are called ‘impulse purchases’ and can usually be seen in their native land populating the final funnel to the cashier finish line. They usually are things like candy, gum, magazines, beef jerky, and even sometimes silly things like lighters, nail clippers, and who knows what else. The reason for the candy and food is b/c after spending likely a lot longer than you anticipated, especially if you’re one of the poor souls that has to go food shopping on a weekend, you’re more than likely to be hungry, tired, and dehydrated. Your body can sometimes send out signals for sugar and carbs or even salt (jerky!) as an alternative pang because you actually just need water, and your body knows that if you eat, you’ll more than likely drink too.

But, unlike being thirsty or hungry, some impulse buys come from someplace deeper inside. They are more than just a flash of fleeting desire, they have laid dormant for years, and sometimes decades, constantly surpassed and fended off under the pretense of being “unnecessary” or “impractical” or “the wrong time”. But eventually, sooner or later, those impulses bubble up to the surface. Sometimes it’s a house, sometimes it’s a sports car, and sometimes, actually, a lot of times, it’s a boat. Let us welcome in the Sea Ray SDX 270 Sport Boat, the perfect way to satisfy that long withheld impulse without having to bankrupt your family to get it.

The Sea Ray SDX 270 is a wonderful combination of stability, handling and comfort. Beginning out back, there is a very comfortable sun pad large enough for three adults. The deck can be used for basking in the sun or if you’d prefer to sit up and catch some rays, the seats fold upwards to provide nice knee support for sitting. Under the seats is access to the engine compartment as well as a huge storage compartment for fishing or water toys. Gas struts keep the compartment doors from crashing down on your hands, or children, so that’s a win, depending on what kind of mood the kids are in. There is also an optional fold down swim step off the transom to make reboarding exceptionally easy. There is a transom walk through on the side of the sundeck, which also hides yet another storage compartment, while a secondary audio control panel allows rear passengers to choose their own tunes.

Inside the cockpit, you’re immediately surrounded by what feels like endless amounts of plush seating, as well as a center circular table. Each of the bench seats also hides even more storage space. There is a dedicated cooler under the starboard side seat, while just another giant space for stuff is under the port side seat. The optional woven carpeting is simply heaven on bare feet, so while the optional snap-in sea deck is practical, we’re going to side with the softer choice. To help create an even more comfortable and warm socializing area, both the helm and portside seat backs can shift forwards to allow for large lounge seating in the cockpit area.

The helm sports either a 9-inch or 12-inch Simard GO touchscreen interface. There is also a flat mounted, very futuristic looking Fusion audio system control, and the requisite toggle switches and adjustable and padded steering wheel. Moving more port side, there is access to the larger-than-expected head that sports a full toilet, stainless steel sink, and acceptable amount of shelving for storage of basic bath necessities. On top of the head are cupholders and a locking glove box to put down anything you might be carrying before need to make use of the head.

The SDX 270 has a length overall of 27”2”, a beam of 8’6” and a dry weight of 5,659 pounds, which make it a very versatile sized boat for all kinds of different occasions. It’s not so small that your impulse to finally go out and get that boat you’ve always wanted won’t finally be fulfilled, but it’s not large enough that by fulfilling that urge, you’ll then have the urge to have a meltdown of buyers remorse three days after finally getting it. So, the next time your in line at the grocery store, and you want to grab that Snickers or Skittles, you can remember that you have a much bigger and better impulse buy waiting for you at the port, and that is sweeter than any candy around.