Aging has its merits. Sure, when we were younger, we may have been faster, stronger, more risk tolerant, and had more hair. We liked things that go fast and couldn’t care less about creature comforts. But, with age, we begin to value different things. Things like comfortable surroundings, reliability, and quality. This idealogical transition can be seen in our possessions, especially things like cars and boats.

The Aviara AV32 is more than a new boat. It represents a new thinking of how boats should be. It is something of a paradigm shift in boat making in general because it is built to fill a niche that we didn’t even realize was there until recently. The ideal AV32 customer is older, and has moved away from the tubing, waterskiing and let’s-see-how-much-air-we-can-catch-off-this-wave mentality. It is a boat that spends its money where it counts — on comfort and performance, but with an eye towards creating a whole that feels more synergistic than just the sum of its parts.

With a tenth overall of 32’ 6” a beam of 10’ 4”, and a dry weight of 12,000 pounds, the AV32 isn’t a huge boat, but it isn’t slight of size either. Beginning out back on the swim platform, you’ll quickly notice the roomy 3’ 10” space that extends full beam, with enough space that it could almost be used as an impromptu sun bed if a little splashing here and there was of no concern. The four step reboarding ladder at the starboard side that tucks away out of sight when not needed, and an electronically controlled swim step platform that swings out from seemingly nowhere to help swimmers get back to the party without looking silly.

Moving forward you’ll notice a huge actual sun pad that measures 34” by 68” that can be easily converted into more seating if socializing happens to take precedence over sunbathing. Under the sun pad seats is a large storage space for all the toys. Six cupholders flank the sun pad, while the cool-feel upholstery is a wonderful invention that doesn’t get burning hot in even the hottest sun. A large L-shaped seating area envelops the cabin and gives the AV32 a very cozy and inviting feel, while a triangular side mount table serves up space to break for lunch in a very modern fashion.

There is also a wet bar that has a full sink and bottle storage area (champagne anyone?), as well as a pull out cooler, another refrigerated drawer and of course, more cup holders — all of which gets covered and protected by an overhead that measures 7’ 3” and houses LED lights, stereo speakers and has either a Bimini top or an electronically extendable shade to help keep you out of the sun if so desired.

Up at the bow we find a huge seating area that hides a cooler and tons of storage very discreetly, and in between we can use the fully functional head that allows for 5’ 9” of overhead clearance. A ceramic toilet is flanked by large storage areas as well as a full sink and grab handle to help you back up and out to the party.

The AV32 isn’t just posh, it does have plenty of muscle beneath its very dapper exterior. Top power comes from twin limo 6.0-liter MPI motors that pump out an impressive 380-horsepower each. Time to plane is a mere 4.1 seconds while 0-30 takes 11.7 seconds, which won’t blow you away, but will still be fast enough to blow your hair back.

At the helm, controlling all that power is relatively intuitive. The glass dashboard is very neat and tidy looking with a 10” touchscreen display for boat operations, a 12” display for navigation, and 7” display for digital gauge readouts. A tilt steering wheel is well placed with all the obligatory engine controls well within reach.

All in all, the AV32 is a very well put together package that encompasses performance, handling, and a mature sense of style and refinement. And while sure, youth was fun, age truly does have its merits. We’re happy to say that a little less risk and a little more comfort are just fine by us — maybe we’re just getting older, or maybe we’re just getting wiser, or possibly even both.