It seems that the world we are living in now is vastly different from the one some of us grew up in only a couple decades ago. This is the age of instant gratification. Everything needs to be here and now — no RIGHT NOW! “Pictures or it didn’t happen” has become the rallying cry of Millennials everywhere. Every event, every hobby, every task, every meal, every outfit needs to be photographed and documented to share with … anyone willing to pay attention and give us affirmation of just how awesome our grilled cheese looks.

It seems that with the ever-present ADD culture, it would stand to reason that assuming some things that used to be enjoyed would start to disappear — especially, if those things took longer attention spans to accomplish than your average game of Candy Crush. Things like … fishing. You can’t fish with an app, nor can you just tell Alexa to bring you a 25 pound tuna (you could, but it would probably show up two days later in a box). Fishing, surprisingly, is still a very popular pastime for men and women of all ages, and due to that fact, fishing boats are in high demand — especially good ones, which leads us to the new Robalo R272.

The R272 is about as serious a fishing boat as you can get on the market today. Sure, it can be used to entertain the kids on a family outing, but more than not, it is a purpose built machine designed to help you reel in more than just a good time. You’ll notice almost immediately the spaciousness of the R272, which happens to be the second largest center console boat in the Robalo lineup. That vastness in the aft seating area and larger bow casting deck isn’t just a visual trick, as the 9’6” beam and 22” aisle width on either side of the helm will tell you. The T-Top supports are built into the console as opposed to being screwed into the deck, which would undoubtedly take up more foot room.

Three separate tempered glass windshields give plenty of protection for the helmsman, with the main window having power windshield wiper and a power actuated vent on the top portion to allow for that wonderful sea air to still be a part of the fun without being a nuisance. Five rod holders surround the hard top along with ample lighting and storage. The top color can be chosen from a variate of choices to help better personalize the boat to the owner’s liking for whatever pictures may be desired …

The console itself begins with a very trick looking Simrad Display that measures a full 12 inches and is flanked by the requisite accessory switches, and a Yamaha engine control panel. Controls for the audio system are conveniently placed right below the tilt steering wheel, which is bracketed by a handy storage compartment and of course, a cupholder and don’t worry, there’s even a 12-volt outlet, USB port and a storage space for your silly phone too. Two more storage areas sit atop the dash on either side of the compass.

The helm seating area can hold two full sized adults when the bolsters are folded down, or can serve as a basic soft leaning post if desired. The bow has plenty of seating space shod in the same vinyl as the helm seats, as well as a wraparound bolster for more than adequate back support on those long trips out to sea, and even goes a step further by employing removable backrests for the ends of the U-shaped seating area to allow passengers to face out to sea instead of just back in towards the console. There is a filler panel that can be put into place that will instantly almost double the size of the forward casting deck and/or sun pad, depending on your goals for the day. There is also a removable table that can take the place of that same filler panel, if a break for lunch, or a sudden game of cards (like Go Fish!) is needed.

There are two large (25 gallons each) fish boxes/coolers and one smaller one under the forward seating area. Out back at the bow there is another massive 100 gallon fishbone, as well as a 30 gallon live well on the stern corner. Yet another 20 gallon live well hides behind the aft seat on the helm that faces yet another fold down transom seat that can be used when socializing becomes the main objective. Four more rod holders surround the transom when you’re ready to get back to business. Twin Yamaha 200-hp motors provide all the thrust necessary for a day in the sun.

All in all the Robalo R272 is the perfect fishing boat for just about anyone that wants a vessel to help them escape the rigors and stresses of the modern day insta-everything insanity. It is a boat that can take you away to time when, yes, things were slower, and less in your face. But then again, maybe now if you do have your cell phone with you, there will finally be proof of just how big that fish you caught really was, or else, maybe it didn’t actually happen after all …