If money were no object, we would all have at least three boats a piece. Each one would be a finely tuned, specialized and purpose-built masterpiece. Ideally, you would have something like a large fishing boat that had tons of storage and rod holders to go trolling all day long with. Then possibly a world class speedster to carve up the waves when you just want the wind in your hair. And then for those days you want to just sit in the sun and have some fun, it’s hard to turn down a good yacht for that particular mission. But the problem is money, for most of us anyway, is something that needs to be considered and factored in to most major decisions, especially the ones that involve purchasing a boat. So what is most important? Speed? Fishing? Waterspouts? Well, thankfully the new Tahoe 2150 CC might just be able to spare you the pain of having to decide between all those things after all.

This hybrid deck boat/center console fishing boat that first and foremost gives you plenty of fishing accoutrements. Out on the bow is a pre-rigged mount for up to a 70 pound trolling motor — plenty of thrust to get into and out of even the weediest of coves. That motor can be stowed just under the deck when not needed so it’s out of the way. Remove the rear seat cushions and you’ll be greeted with a large casting deck (once the filler panel is put into place). There is a 17 gallon aerated live well. There are matching 84 quart fish boxes beneath both rear seats, a self draining basin that has plenty of tackle storage beneath it. Along the railing you’ll find plenty of rod holders and padded bolsters to maintain comfort at an acceptable level. Plenty of rod storage holders are hidden and notations are clearly made for both seven and ten foot rods. Out on the transom you’ll find a very useful raw water wash down.

But again, the Tahoe 2150 CC isn’t just a fishing boat. For those family first fishermen, there is plenty to enjoy. First and most obvious, out on the bow is a huge seating area that is ergonomically functional and socially appealing. The seats are comfortable and laid out well. The front of the boat has a squared off nose that shows us its deck boat DNA, which allows for that wraparound seating that can seat up to ten people — let’s see your average fishing boat do that. There is also a side mount pedestal table that adds even more socialization appeal — food, drinks, card games, board games, you name it. The side lounge seats sport cup holders, grab handles and have speakers mounted close by to help keep the tunes within earshot. Tack on the large filler cushion and you instantly have a very serious sun pad. On the starboard side is a stainless steel reboarding ladder

Optional rubberized matting offers up a level of safety and practicality while at the helm you’ll get a full 360 degree view of the world while sitting behind the curved windshield. The gauge display is minimalist, but has a tach, speedometer and gas gauge. There is also a seven inch GPS fish finder and a thick rimmed steering wheel made of handsome brushed aluminum. The helm seat itself measures 35 inches across and has dual flip-up bolsters. The seat back can be removed from its two post mount, and then those posts can double as a couple of more rod holders just in case you want to transform back to fishing mode at a moments notice. Power comes from a single 200-horsepower Mercury four-stroke motor that is plenty of kick for a boat that is 21’ 1” in overall length, has a beam of 8’ 6” and a dry weight of 3,485 pounds.

All in all, the Tahoe 2150 CC has more to offer than first meets the eye. No, it isn’t a yacht or a speedboat or an all out angler’s fantasy boat. But, what it is, is a almost perfect compromise of a few very different sea-going missions. So for those of you that can afford three or four different boats, good for you. But for the rest of us, the Tahoe 2150 CC is the one that will save us all from having to make some very difficult choices, because we can kind of have everything all in one.