Whether or not you happen to be a religious type of person, there is a Biblical verse in the Book of Matthew that says, “No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to one, and despise the other.” Again, even an atheist can appreciate the symbolism and metaphorical usefulness of such a statement. Even in the marketing of products, it is much better to serve a particular niche than to try and cater to everyone. People that are in the market for a sports car will be looking at Corvettes and Porsches and probably not Honda Odysseys or Toyota RAV4s. Honda and Toyota know this and don’t try to shoehorn a twin-turbocharged 500 horsepower motor into those cars … because that isn’t their target audience’s needs or wants.

In theory, this concept also applies to the boating industry as well. Generally speaking, a cigar boat isn’t made with rod holders … because those owners are looking for speed, not bluefish. Luxury yacht owners don’t usually equip their posh vessels with a trolling motor … because that is just not in their agenda, and the companies know that. But once in a while we see a boat that changes our feelings on all of those notions. A boat like the Sea Pro D259 Deep V Series.

This 25’ 9” boat with a beam of 9’4”, a draft of 19”, power up to 400-horsepower, and a dry weight of about 4,850 pounds (sans motor) is a true fishing boat by its DNA. It has a pressurized 30 gallon live well at the transom that sports a trick clear lid, a 20 gallon freshwater tank beneath the bow floorboards, a set of in-floor fish boxes that are 160 quarts each. The macerated fish boxes are under the floor on either side of the console’s leaning post. There is plenty of rod storage and rod holders strewn about the boat, with horizontal storage starboard side and no less than five rod holders overhead. The bow table is a de facto cast netting platform. The advertised deep-V hull is set up nicely with its slightly bigger than average bow to take on the waves our on the open water with ease. The open console is nicely laid out with plenty of room for all kinds of electronics including a SIMRAD NSS12 EVO3 w/thu-hull transducer, while the dash top compass keeps you pointed in the right direction. There is plenty of space and room for multiple castings at the same time without having to worry about catching your buddy in the head with a lure.

But, despite serving one very clear fishing oriented master, the 259 does a more than admirable job at providing and serving another master — family-friendly comfort for up to 14 people. Beginning out back at the transom, there is a fold out bench that is supremely cushioned with a height-adjustable backrest that provides even more support. There are even more cushy bench seating on the forward deck that sit nicely over all of the port and starboard storage areas. There are two removable backrests to help create matching mini-sun pads. There is another seat on the front side of the helm, while the helm itself provides Llebroc seats that have adjustable bolsters and folding armrests. There is a full head inside the console replete with sink and spray hose.

In terms of optional equipment there are plenty of amenities the 259 offers up. There is an optional t-top that should be standard in our opinion for reasons of necessity. There is an optional option of the underside color of the t-top matching the rest of the boat. A ski tow, dive/scuba door ladder and LED lighting package all offer up even more fun in the sun.

So while a man may not serve two masters, it seems that the Sea Pro 259 Deep V Series has give us something more to think about. The 259 does hold true to its roots with a major in fishing, maybe family friendly comfort isn’t another master, but something more like a minor, and with that kind of ability to offer such versatility, whether you’re religious or not, the 259 will undoubtedly be considered by some to be a godsend.