If we’re being honest with ourselves, over the course of time, hybrids of all types have come and gone to some degree of success and failure. And it hasn’t been in just one arena or another, we as a people have always tried to find one way to do two (or more) things. Some of those ideas have made their inventors famous, while others have gone on to live in infamy. Take for example the spork — although it has been around for more than a century, never seems to get the credit it deserves, while the combination of peanut butter and chocolate together has been touted as possibly the best combination of things of all time.

But it’s not just food, vehicles have long been another focus of hybridization. The short lived Nissan Murano convertible tried combining the functionality of an SUV with the open-air excitement of a drop-top. Not so much. However, the Can-Am three wheeled “motorcycles” attempt to bridge the gap between car and bike, and seem to be doing very well. And then there are boats too, like the NauticStar 251 Hybrid. The 251 Hybrid is aptly named for its dual purpose intentions. It is a perfect compromise between a fun-in-the-sun family day tripper and a supremely capable fishing boat all in one.

With a length overall of 25’ 2” and a beam of 102”, it is a perfect size to fit your family or fishing needs. Capable of running up to 350 horsepower, when backed by a 300 horsepower F300XCA four stroke Yamaha engine, the 251 managed to get to planing speed in only 3.81 seconds and topped out over 50 mph — more than enough speed to get to that fishing cove on time, or to tow a few excited water tubers. SeaDek covers the entire aft section of the boat, good for passengers of an kind, while the jump seat hides a storage compartment below, and also folds down to transform into a fishing platform, should the need arise. Also out back are a 16 gallon livewell, while a 40 quart swim up cooler sits portside and a extendable boarding ladder sits starboard. The main control of the 251 sports a Llebroc seat that has flip-up bolsters and moveable arm and footrests. Two 12” displays have room on the main dash, while all the requisite switches are made from stainless steel. There is also an Infinity PRV 315 Bluetooth stereo replete with JBL marine speakers to handle entertainment duties. Behind the captain’s seat lays a large freshwater galley and rod holders. The very useful fiberglass T-top does a lovely job of isolating the captain from wind with its three sided windshield, and even features LED courtesy lights. In front of the console is another forward facing seat with yet another fisherman’s luxury item, another 16 gallon livewell.

Up front, the 251 Hybrid really shows off its attention to the family/fun aspects of its personality. Sure, the myriad of rod holders, bait and chum wells, it may seem like predominantly a fishing boat, but at the bow you’ll be treated to posh surroundings in the form of a U-shaped seating area that was made for basking in the sun and sea air. The cushions are soft and forgiving, and there is even a 45 quart YETI cooler to keep all your favorite daddy/mommy sodas in to enjoy the day.

The NauticStar 251 Hybrid is a wonderful example of how sometimes one thing can actually be two. So whether you want to go out with just one buddy on a early morning fishing excursion, or take all 12 of the 251’s max capacity family members out for a day of sightseeing, the 251 is ready and up for the challenge. It might be the best thing to happen to vacation days since chocolate peanut butter ice cream.