In a world filled with distractions, sometimes its the little things that make all the difference. Online gaming wants kids to park in front of a TV and become avatars of themselves fighting fantastical villains across the globe, while Netflix wants you to also park you or your kids in front of a TV and binge on shows like Homer Simpson in a donut shop. But, when we step back from all that and take time out to actually go out and enjoy the day with our kids or friends, when we put the phone down and actually do something in nature, like good old fishing, we may just find out that we have actually been missing out.

Fishing isn’t just about catching fish. It is, but it’s also about being with people you care about. Socializing in person. Talking. Communicating. And sure, landing a 12 pound Bass makes for a pretty cool afternoon. But to get out on the water, you’re going to need a competent Bass boat, and Ranger Boats have just the thing, namely the Z519L.

The Z519L makes fishing easier than saying its name. Starting at the bow you have a choice between an 80 pound or 120 pound trolling motor that have a slick foot control so you can focus on your casts. Right next to the motor is room for up to a 12” display for navigation and/or infotainment. There is also a useful cupholder and a switch panel for all the basics of the boat like the live well, accessories, lighting and navigation.

A large carpeted 59” x 79” casting deck sits behind the trolling motor with the requisite pedestal seat that has a high and low height adjustment. Both sides of the boat features retractable rod straps that keeps things in place right about any one of the four storage compartments below deck. Rod and tackle storage have two dedicated spaces while another is a hybrid gear/tackle storage space and one of the larger ones is a very useful self-draining cooler. Perfect for housing all those very necessary hydration items, like IPAs or lagers, or maybe even some Gatorade for the kids. The hatches are made of sturdy feeling fiberglass and open and close with the use of gas struts, while locking latches make sure things stay put if you decide to disembark.

The helm console just looks fast and sporty without moving an inch. If put in a vacuum, it has the look of a motorcycle video game you’d find in an arcade, if those still exist. The windscreen extends about half a foot beyond the actual console to keep the wind going over your head and not in your face. There is room for up to a ginormous 15” screen if so desired. The four spoke padded steering wheels feels confidence inspiring, while all the important gauges flank the wheel on both sides. There is a lever where a car would have a turn signal level, that raises and lowers the jackplate and adjusts the outboard trim. Its location is wildly well designed and convenient, making adjustments while being able to still keep a hand on the steering wheel. Both steps on the boat hide coolers and there is also room for up to eight rods to be stowed portside. Both the helm and passenger seat are exceptionally comfortable, with more than adequate padding and support. They can also adjust fore and aft, while nestled between the two seats are much needed cup holders and another storage compartment that is covered in non-slip rubber to also serve as a safe step up to the casting deck.

Beneath the casting pedestal is a huge aerated live well that is bookended by two more storage compartments, while out on the transom there are stainless steel grab handles and a portside reboarding ladder. The big Mercury 225 Pro XS four-stroke motor puts out a serious 225-horsepower, which is more than enough for a boat that sits with a length overall of just 19’ 9”, a beam of 97.5” and a dry weight of just 1,750 pounds. Almost faster than you can say Ranger Boats Z519L, top speed can get up to 70 mph, while planing speed can take just 5.1 seconds while 0-30 mph takes just 9.3 seconds. This boat can haul some serious Bass.

So, even if you go out there and don’t catch a single fish, spending a day with your kids or friends and unplugging from the endless leeches on your time might just open up a whole new world for all involved — one that isn’t in front of a TV. And sure, while catching a monster fish is always better than not, when you get out on the water with friends or family, you might just realize that catching up with real communication is a prize in and of itself, because it really is the little things that make all the difference.